pediatric dentistry for kids

Pediatric Dentistry

Kid Friendly Dentistry

Feel free to bring your children to Sky Dental of Malden for their dental care. We welcome the opportunity to provide the same top level of attention to your littles as we give to adults. Our friendly, professional staff will make your young ones feel comfortable in our office. Dr Mihyawi is trained to treat kids and help them feel at ease during the appointment. His approach explaining and guiding kids through treatment is exceptional and entertaining.  Call/ Text us today at 781-870-0849 to book appointments for them.


We use a different approach to treat children’s dental needs. At first, everything is strange to them.  Going to the dentist might be uncomfortable or overwhelming to kids. However, we take the time to explain what everything is, what it does, and why we use it. And with each procedure, we show your kids what we’ll do and tell them why they’ll feel better when we’re through.


Fear of coming to the dentist should be far from your children’s minds. We want them to look forward to their visits with us at Sky Dental. Good dental health begins at a very young age, founded on good habits when it comes to brushing, flossing and diet. Your kids will leave with a positive experience, we guarantee!

Benefits of Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is focused on proper maintenance and care of children’s baby teeth. Yes, kids lose those primary teeth, it’s true. But we believe that when your child learns good oral habits, she’ll have a much better chance of having healthy teeth as an adult. 


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Patient Education

At Sky Dental of Malden, we take the time to explain to kids and their parents why good oral care habits will keep teeth strong and healthy. We provide helpful tips for good eating habits, choosing nutritious food, and developing a regular routine of brushing and flossing. Plus, we’ll demonstrate how to properly brush and floss, so your child can learn to do it himself.


Monitoring & Early Intervention

As your child grows, her teeth change. Visit her pediatric dentist to keep track of those changes and learn what to expect. When will she begin to lose her front teeth? Aren’t her permanent teeth supposed to be coming in soon? When do molars shed? How long does it take them to appear? And what about wisdom teeth?


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Dr Mihyawi and his highly trained team will help to teach you and your kids how to keep cavities from developing. Through regular dental visits, we can help to keep your children’s teeth clean and free of plaque, which is the major cause of cavities and gum disease.



Looking for the Best Pediatric Dentist in Massachusetts?

Sky Dental of Malden specializes in pediatric dentistry in Massachusetts, providing dental care for children of all ages. If you have questions or concerns about pediatric dentistry, please contact us at (781) 338-0818 or Email Us at [email protected]. We also serve the surrounding communities of Medford, Saugus, Melrose, Wellington and Everett.