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Best Fitting Dentures in Boston

Choose your dentures with confidence that you’ll get the best fitting dentures in the Boston area, most natural looking, most durable wear, and fairest price at Sky Dental of Malden. We prefer to save your teeth if we can. That’s why we recommend regular dental cleaning and offer several procedures to restore your teeth and to prevent their removal. But we know that sometimes that’s just not possible. Accidents happen, gum disease loosens teeth, or they break down because of illness or diet deficiencies.

In such situations, even despite dental cleaning in Boston,  we’re ready to supplement your remaining teeth with a partial denture, or replace all of your teeth with complete dentures. Both are removable for sleeping and for cleaning.


Dr Mihyawi offers complete and partial dentures in a range of different materials, from basic acrylic to hand crafted flexible/acrylic combination units. We offer quick turnaround, and aim to deliver your dentures in 2 weeks. Of course, every patient is different, with varying needs, so we take things on a case by case basis.

best fitting dentures in boston sky dental of malden

How long does it take to get my dentures?

Several appointments are needed to fabricate your dentures.

  1. During the first appointment, we take impressions of your mouth to make models.
  2. In the second appointment, our dentist will study how your jaw fits together.
  3. Your third visit will come when your teeth are returned from the laboratory set up in wax. During this appointment, you’ll try on the tooth setup to evaluate how it looks and fits.
  4. Finally, you’ll return for your fourth visit – the delivery – when the final denture is adjusted and fitted in your mouth.

After taking delivery of the best fitting dentures in Boston, we’ll need several follow up visits to make adjustments that will result in a perfect fit.


Patients with dentures should still see your dentists regularly, since every dental appliance needs to be relined periodically. Frequent visits to Sky Dental will help to keep your dentures in good condition. Protect the investment in your smile!

Will my insurance pay for all or part of my dentures?


Sky Dental of Malden specializes in dentures to restore your smile and help you eat the foods you love. You may even be able to whistle again! If you need partial or full dentures, call us at (781) 338-0818 or Email us at [email protected]

Sky Dental of Malden accepts most insurance  plans. Even if you’re unsure about your plan covering dentures, we can submit a claim for you through out office and find out.

If  you need to set up a payment plan, please let us know and our office will work with you to develop a workable financing plan for your dentures. So you can start to love your smile again!

Click on the button to see if your insurance company covers dentures. You may be surprised, in a good way!