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Dental Emergencies in Malden

Nobody in Malden – or any part of Boston — wants to think about dental emergencies, especially in the midst of a pandemic shutdown. So, go outside in the back yard to get out of the house for a while. Have a game of catch with your son. That seems like a good way to practice social distancing, right? You’re in your own space, within a privacy fence, out in the fresh air getting some much-needed exercise. Throw that baseball, catch it when your 8 year old throws it back. Throw, catch. Throw, catch. Feel it thump into the pocket of your mitt. Relaxing.

Watch out!

Maybe you got a little too relaxed and looked at that bluebird at the wrong moment. Or your young son made a wild pitch. Whatever happened, everything went sideways when the ball smashed you in the mouth. Whack! Daaang, son!

Find a top-rated emergency dentist near me,  STAT

Lucky for you, Sky Dental of Malden’s dental clinic is ready for you today. And our schedule is extremely flexible. We are available weekdays and weekends. Call or text our office at 781-870-0849 for an appointment and you can probably be treated the same day. 

Looking for emergency dental treatment today? Yes, we do offer same day appointments! Don’t suffer with broken teeth or tooth pain when you can have relief in a few hours. It may be as simple as an extraction.

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What to do until your emergency dental appointment

  • For a broken tooth, rinse your mouth with warm salt water. If you have bleeding, hold a gauze pad on the site for 10 minutes or until bleeding has stopped. Apply a cold compress or a wet tea bag gently to ease swelling and pain. 
  • If your tooth is completely knocked out, hold it by the crown and rinse gently in water. Scrubbing is not necessary and will injure any soft tissue still attached to the tooth. Carefully replace your tooth in its socket if possible, without forcing it. If that doesn’t work, store it in milk (yes, that’s really a thing). Getting to one of Boston’s top-rated dentists within an hour will give the best chance of saving the tooth.
  • Lost a filling? Fill the hole with sugarless chewing gum until you can get an appointment to have a new filling installed.

  • If your crown came off, swab the tooth to lessen the pain (if any) and carefully try to slip the crown back on. Temporarily secure it with denture adhesive until you can see your dentist. Please, never use glue to hold your crown in place!
  • For a sudden toothache, rinse with warm salt water and floss gently. Sometimes food bits get stuck between teeth and can be very painful. Don’t put aspirin on your tooth. Because aspirin is an acid (acetylsalicylic acid), it can damage your gums and the soft tissues inside your mouth.
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Emergencies take priority

Sky Dental of Malden is available whenever your dental emergency attacks. We gladly welcome people from Saugus, Lynn, Revere, Everet, Chelsea, Winthrop, Somerville, Medford, Stoneham, Woburn, Arlington and Cambridge. Our clinic is easy to find, just a few blocks from the Northern Strand Community Trail. You can even ride your bike to keep your appointment!

We accept almost all insurances, and for those who aren’t covered, for whatever reason, we offer affordable payment plans. So, don’t let anxiety of how to pay keep you from the best dentist office in the Boston area.

If you’re looking for an open dentist office near you, call or text 781-870-0849.