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Dental Cleaning in Boston

Get the best preventive care in the Boston area of Massachusetts at Sky Dental of Malden. Regular dental cleaning is essential in keeping your oral health in top shape. And a healthy mouth almost guarantees a healthy body. So, start loving your smile!

Our team will complete a full exam including x-rays, periodontal (gums) evaluation, scaling and polishing your teeth. During oral examination, we will make sure to check for any signs of gum disease and also perform an oral cancer screening test. Trust the Sky Dental team for thorough, expert oral hygiene care twice a year.

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Dental Cleaning and Examination for Children

Remember the last time your kids were excited about coming to see their dentist? ….. No? Hmm.

Bring them to Sky Dental! Dr. Mihyawi has extensive experience providing dental cleanings to children. And he knows exactly how to make them feel comfortable while visiting our dental office.

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Start your children at a very young age with dental cleanings and oral examinations to help them develop good oral habits and health. You can begin their oral education as soon as their baby teeth start to emerge. Small positive beginnings will help build trust in their dentist and his team.

Children can develop cavities and gum disease just like adults, but they require special attention. Healthy baby teeth have the best chance of developing into healthy adult teeth.

To prevent cavities, plaque and bacteria buildup, bring your youngsters for regular dental cleanings and examinations twice a year. 

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Dental Cleaning and Examination for Adults & Seniors

Kids are important, of course. But we also recommend adults and seniors in the area of Malden, Massachusetts to have their teeth cleaned and checked twice a year. Good oral health is important regardless of age.

As we age, our risk for an oral infection continues to increase. Over time, and with use, the protective enamel starts to wear away, making our teeth susceptible to cavities. The best way to prevent cavities from developing is through good oral habits — regular and proper brushing, flossing and rinsing.

Need Your Teeth Cleaned in Massachusetts?

Sky Dental is a comprehensive dental practice near you, in the Boston area. Our friendly, highly trained team provides dental care for children, adults and seniors. To schedule your dental cleaning and examination, call (781) 338-0818 or Email Us.


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We’re easy to find! Enlarge this map and you’ll see that we’re less than 10 minutes from the Malden Center Transit Station, and right across the street from Dunkin’.


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