Sky Dental of Malden Boston MA - dental cleaning in Boston MA

Dental Cleaning in Boston MA

Sky Dental of Malden Boston MA - dental cleaning in Boston MA

Let’s  talk about dental cleaning in Boston, MA. Keeping your teeth and gums clean and healthy is critical to dental care and to your overall health. Everyone would agree with this blanket statement, we would imagine. Preventive dentistry is a basic part of dental services. There are several standout general dentists in Boston. Boston Magazine publishes an annual listing of their picks as top dental offices.

Why Are There So Many Boston Dental Offices?

There are 4 major universities with dental schools. Boston University, Harvard, Tufts and Suffolk University all graduate more dentists each year, in all specialties from general dentistry to oral surgery and beyond. And, if a dental specialist needs to refer a patient to a physician, there are plenty of doctors to choose from. Find a state of the art dental office for your family easily, even for specialty dental care.

But why would any dentist want to set up practice in an area where there’s so much competition? Perhaps it’s because of the old adage: Iron sharpens iron. 

When a practitioner is only one of a few, he can get comfortable. There’s little incentive to strive to be the best. Boston is a hotbed of dental competition.

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Dental Cleaning in Boston, MA:  Which Dentist is Boston’s Best?

Centrally located downtown is one of the best dentists you’ll find anywhere. Dr Ahmad Mihyawi’s general dentistry team, Sky Dental of Malden, is a top rated dental office. Of course I’m biased, but many of our patients have awarded 5 star reviews for our relaxed environment and quality dentistry, and here’s why.

Relaxed Environment

The first contact with our expert team happens when you call for an appointment. Maybe Dr. Ahmed is a new dentist for you. The Sky Dental team will welcome you to our state of the art dental practice with one aim: To make sure you start loving your smile again. And to do that, we must set your session as soon as possible. In emergency situations — lost filling, broken tooth, broken appliances — sometimes we can even get your office visit made less than 24 hours later. Just call or text our after hours phone, and get results!

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Children Are Especially Welcome

Bring your whole family to our dental office. Our receptionist is specially selected for the ability to set you at ease. She’ll introduce you to the pleasant, relaxed environment of the rest of our dental practice. Many of the patient reviews we get mention the enjoyable visit they had with Dr Mihyawi and his highly trained staff.

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Convenient Location

Sky Dental of Malden’s dental group in Boston is dedicated to providing expert care of your teeth. Come to us for treatment options, consultation for a particular condition, cosmetic dentistry or emergency treatment. Our Boston MA dental clinic is right downtown, surrounded by restaurants, shops and at least half a dozen other Boston dentists. Walk to us from almost anywhere in the area for treatment. And you could choose any one of those other dentists.

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Dental Cleaning in Boston, MA: Comprehensive Care

Most insurance plans suggest dental cleaning twice a year with x-rays to serve as preventive dentistry. Our dental group is trained to be aware of oral health issues and alert our highly experienced specialists to any challenges to creating or restoring your beautiful smile.

With comprehensive care, you know that the Sky Dental team keeps regular records on changes in your teeth and gums. Any changes in those private records are between you, as the patients, and our dentists. From time to time our team may refer you to specialists for consultation because of their expertise in specialty dental care.

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Cosmetic Dentists

Cosmetic dentistry is probably the fastest growing aspect of dental care . Every patient wants to look and feel their best, from the busy professional to the youngest in the family. Yes, kids will lose their ‘baby teeth’. So why take such great care with primary teeth?

Among our patient concerns is self esteem. We’re ready to help you choose a top dentist in Boston who will work with us to capture your beautiful smile.

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Referral Specialists

Choose from appliance therapy to aligning crooked teeth (orthodontics) to dental implants to flexible dentures. Whatever you need, our dental office team keeps a carefully curated list of specialists in cosmetic dentistry for referrals.

Boston state of the art dental offices are staffed with various specialists. And some offices are under one roof. We will guide you to a top dentist who uses cutting edge technology and expertise, to work with our office as dental partners.

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Oral Surgery

Patients sometimes need referrals from our office to other Boston specialists. For instance, choose a top dentist, perhaps even one recommended by Boston Magazine, who uses advanced technology to treat gum disease.

New treatments, such as using laser technology in place of a scalpel, are completed in less time, and heal faster with less discomfort. Procedures that used to be dreaded now take their place as just another oral surgery treatment, no worse than deep cleaning dental hygiene or a bigger filling.

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Pediatric Dentistry

We love to meet your kids and get their teeth off to the best start to be strong for the rest of their lives. Here is where instruction on flossing begins. Dr. Ahmed takes the time to explain to children the importance of keeping their teeth clean and shows how to do that. He also shows what conditions may lead to certain procedures, like fillings or extractions, and how to prevent them.

Once kids have mastered the technique and gotten the right timing (after every meal or snack), then we can talk about self esteem and how young people can have their own beautiful smile. In other words, don’t substitute sewing thread or fishing line for real floss. Stick with the real thing.

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Appliance therapy is one avenue of orthodontics your top dentist may choose. Correcting crooked teeth takes time and expense. Choose braces or a custom mold, which can also be used for treatment of discolored teeth or simply to brighten your smile. Based on his examination, Dr Ahmed writes a treatment plan of procedures and timing to achieve our common goals.

Dental implants are another method our top dentistry team uses to achieve your best smile.

Insurance and Financing

We accept most insurance plans in Boston, including MassHealth and United Healthcare. Just look for the logo of your health care insurance company or group and click on it to see if it covers our procedure. If you have different insurance than any listed on this page, choose that option.

Or, if you have no insurance for whatever reason, we have a program for you as well. Our office will create a payment plan for you that we both can use. You’ll never be denied treatments for any Boston dental service.