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Dr. Mihyawi’s focus is on caring for Sky Dental’s patients with compassion and excellent dental care. His goal is to provide the best patient experience possible for all ages, from children to grandparents. To better communicate with his clients, he speaks English, Arabic, Portuguese and Spanish. He continually takes advanced courses to keep up to date with new developments in modern dentistry. Dr. Mihyawi regularly consults with a network of other dental professionals in the Boston area, to strengthen the level of care for everyone.
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What is best for whitening teeth?

Whitening, or “tooth bleaching”, is the most common cosmetic dental procedure. Whitening is a safe process that is effective for most patients. Multiple whitening options are available, including over the […]

Why you should visit a dentist?

PREVENT PLAQUE: Plaque is a sticky deposit that clings to your teeth and gum line and is full of harmful bacteria. When plaque builds up it causes discoloration of the […]

Dental Rules and Regulations

Several studies have suggested that dentists and dental students are at high risk of burnout. During burnout, dentists experience exhaustion, alienate from work and perform less efficiently.A systemic study identified […]

21st Century Dentistry Needs Modern Billing

Benefits of using electronic payment web portals to run claims and pre-determinations dentistry. The Upside of Real-Time Payment Adjudication Real-time payment adjudication with web-based payment portals is enabling dental procedures […]

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